Syrian Refuge Bracebridge

Making a difference together

At the present time we are attempting to identify resources within our community which may be used to help the refugee family we plan to sponsor. We are relying upon the people of Bracebridge to help in many ways. If you have any tip or expertise you feel may help, please do not hesitate to let us know.  The family we sponsor will need support for at least one year.  We will keep the information you give us on file until we need it.

If you wish to contribute money let us know. All funds should be mailed or dropped off at: Bracebridge United Church, 46 Dominion St., Bracebridge ON P1L 2A5, T: (705) 645-5713 and should be identified for "The Syrian Refugee Fund".  Income tax receipts will be issued if requested.

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Your Expertise: If you have contacts or resources, please let us know

Donate Household Items (Kitchen, bath, bedrooms other small items)
Donate Furnishings (Tables, Chairs Living room, Bedroom)
Donate Clothing (Note we do not know the family or their needs yet)
Housing? We will need housing or an apartment. Do you know of anything?
Setting up the home. Fixing up the house to make it a welcoming place
Transportation? As Bracebridge does not have public transit, would you be able to help transport the family to appointments, shopping, medical, etc.
Volunteer - welcoming committee, Teaching (ESL), Emergency Contact, Explain life is Canada (cultural orientation) helping with access to social services
Employment - do you know of work or opportunities
Any other ways you may help?
Thank you for taking the time to help us identify resources in our community to help our refugee families
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